Art/lease Marion Baars

Kleine Veerweg 14

8016 PB Zwolle

Tel.+31(0)38 4655314

The Netherlands

For Marion Baars painting has always been important. She is well-known for her portraits of children and received commissions to do the portraits of the Dutch Royal families children. Lately Marion has moved from portraits with crayon and oil to water colours. She designed a card for Unicef and won the Talens award in 1966. Her well balanced colours and strong composition, result in very harmonious works of art. She has a very distinct feeling for the effects that can be achieved with water colours. Even considering the many layers of paint, her work remains transparent. A study trip to the south of France stimulated Marion to paint gardens and different styles of patios. She now places flowers in their natural environment and translates these scenes in her particular impressionistic style. In recent work, she has returned to oil, obvious influenced by Monet, Manet and Renoir. The figurative parts seem to have disappeared completely. Her canvasses have coats of paint on top of one another. They are changing into abstract landscapes. Not culture, but nature is her new inspiration.